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        what I love

        I put my heart into my job and by the end of the day, I want my clients to feel that. Often, I am found tearing up behind the lens as brides walk down the aisle, as a couple sees each other for the first time, and especially when they choose to read their vows privately. These instances are why I love my job.

        I strive to capture raw moments; like watching a groom and his bride get ready together, or the two of you hiking up a cliff on the evening of your elopement. These experiences are important. I don’t like posed and perfected shots; I want to capture the real stuff, even if it isn’t “pretty”. I am not one to find inspiration on Pinterest, but instead, from my couples, their relationships, their experiences, and their emotions.

        All this being said, it’s important for me to state that I work best with couples that prefer to do things differently. Couples that don’t need traditions and aren’t worried about what other people think. This is your day, so let’s make it that way. This may sound a little selfish to some, but the fact is, this is a day to celebrate the two of you, your love, and your partnership. If there was ever a day to choose to be selfish- this is it. Want to elope to a foreign country, or have a picnic, and take photos at sunset? Where do I sign? Find a second hand dress and want to take anniversary photos in the hills in the dead of winter while you renew your vows? Yes. PLEASE.

        Let’s capture the two of you doing what you love to do most; whether thats hiking, sailing, swimming, dancing, or even just hanging around your house. These types of shoots show who you really are! This is when you’re comfortable and enjoying each other the most and this is when the best images truly come to life.

        I would love to chat about your dreams, your vision and your day, and if you think we’d be a great fit, say hello!


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