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        KN 01

        This is really good for use on cloudy days as it has a little less contrast but creates a really soft and subtle warm look. I typically use this for my overcast wedding ceremonies or cooler tone locations. Usually tweaking exposure, temperature and sometimes contrast.

        KN 02

        This was the first preset I developed; typically most things posted on my Instagram are edited with this preset. It has a higher contrast and less saturation; I use this most frequently for my beach sessions, water sessions and a ton during blue hour. I shoot under exposed and set my kelvin to match the situation. Usually tweaking temperature, contrast and bringing exposure up a bit to get a punchy but smooth skin tone.

        KN 03

        I use this for backlit situations and golden hour sun sets. Higher contrast, lower saturation and increased highlights and shadows to really make your subjects pop. Depending on the location I always tweak exposure, temperature and usually a bit of saturation to off set the warmth of the sun.

        KN 04

        For those that like to shoot before the sun is up or after it has set; this is my go to. A punch of contrast and slightly desaturated tones. I typically tweak exposure, contrast and white balance. I use this for my water sessions, indoor sessions with window light and any warmer scenes at blue hour.

        Are these easy to tweak?
        Are these available separately or just in a package deal?
        Can these be downloaded to my phone?
        Yes, of course! I typically tweak exposure, contrast, some white balance and depending on the lighting; shadows. Please note: these cannot fix inaccurate camera settings or poor exposure. I shoot in Kelvin, and I adjust my white balance a to fit every circumstance and typically shoot at sunset/sunrise when I can. During weddings I find shade or cloud cover and avoid harsh light as often as possible.