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        I started shooting in 2010, and did my first mentorship with a commercial photographer in 2010. I gained first hand knowledge of posing, lighting, gear selection and even how to deal with clients that aren’t exactly happy to be having their photo taken. I felt very amped up after this experience. It pushed me to try new things, to step out of my box and ultimately start shooting clients that I never would have prior.

        Although I shoot completely different now than I did in my first mentoree experience, I think mentoring alongside someone is an unbelievable  learning opportunity.  This allows you to step into the scene with someone guiding you and pushes you to learn on a level that more than likely will take you out of your comfort zone. As a photographer, stepping out of this box is ultimately one of the greatest challenges but also merits great rewards. For me, I’ve learned over the last year just how much I actually love teaching and helping others with their photography. It is fun to be a part of someone else’s growth,  and at the end of the day, that is what it is all about: growth.

        what matters is that you want to learn

        shooting session

        This is a great way to gain hands on experience with your camera, but will give you the opportunity to ask questions during a couples session and gain knowledge in areas you may need additional assistance or clarification in. This mentoring session will  90-180 minutes.


        This is about gaining knowledge and confidence in your editing style

        editing session

        We will meet in a comfortable spot, and take it from square one: I’ll let you edit, offer constructive criticism, and help you tweak until you feel great about the end result. I will share my tips and tricks when batch editing as well as how I save time in larger projects. We will end the session by taking the edits you’ve made, and using them to  make your own preset. This is about gaining knowledge and about gaining confidence in your editing style. This session can last anywhere from 60-90 minutes and is based in the Portland Metro area.


        shoot & editing session

        A combination of both mentoring session and the 1-1 editing session. We will shoot together, and then edit some of your images from our shoot. Set aside four hours to get the full experience.