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        I am thankful to have crossed off so many bucket list items the last year, and have just added more! If you are interested in traveling to one of the areas below and want to bring me along to capture the fun, please get in touch!


        how this works
        Elopements>> You and your partner running away and getting married in an amazing location.
        Couple Sessions>> Engagements, Bridals, Anniversary Sessions, Etc..
        what’s the catch?
        There is no catch; I want to visit these locations for both personal and business reasons. Along with the fact they are beautiful, I know if you are interested in traveling to a place with the one closest to you, it will 100% be worth it for me. This allows me a mini vacation as well as the experience of connecting with you on a trip somewhere new.

        what is the cost?

        For any location out of the country, you are responsible for paying my: airfare, lodging + transportation + food for 4 days. This allows me to get there, capture our session together and a few days for myself to explore as well.
        There is no photography coverage, only travel. To book a bucket list item I require airfare + lodging fees as your retainer. This ensures I can book the best deals, and start planning our session. Additional travel + food expenses are due three months prior to our departure.


        how do we book a bucket list item?

        First, get in contact with me to make sure I’m available. Summer is a very busy time, so I often suggest early spring or late fall. Once we’ve chatted, and decided that this is a great fit, we’ll pick a date and start planning!


        bucket list locations

        Glacier National Park
        Lake Powell
        Alvord Desert