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        Hey there, I'm Kati!

        I am from a little town named Anacortes in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. I've always considered the Pacific Northwest my home, I feel grateful to have grown up in such a beautiful area of the world.

        Photography started in an interesting way for me, almost 10 years ago, in one of those little chapels on the Las Vegas Strip, but, what matters most is that it started from my heart and has continued to be my sole hobby. This hobby in which I have been lucky enough to call my full time job since 2014.

        I want to help you button up your dress, clasp the bracelet on your wrist, and fasten the straps on your shoes.

        I'm here for your story

        I want to be involved in your day in more ways than just showing up, and taking photos.  We may not know each other, but I’d really like to change that.

        Weddings hit me deep; I’m the girl at the end of the aisle balling my eyes out. These moments mean a lot to me,  and I know how much they mean to you. They’re emotional, they’re heavy, and they aren’t something to be taken lightly, and I am here to tell you, I don’t.

        My constant goal is to capture authenticity even if it doesn't consist of big cheesy smiles. That is real life, and real life is what I am most interested in photographing. I'm here to freeze those moments in time you may not even realize are unfolding, and I hope to deliver your story in the most genuine yet raw format that I can.