TO MENU

        hey there

        I’m Kati! I am a full time elopement and wedding photographer. I travel anywhere and everywhere and look forward to adventuring outside the norm with my couples!

        I grew up in the little town of Anacortes, Washington; riding bikes, building beach forts, and fishing off the docks with those little nets you can find in local grocery stores.  Growing up, I was a complete tom boy, and honestly, I still am. I get dirty-a lot,  am barefoot 70% of the time, and truly don’t mind eating cold hot dogs for breakfast in the dead of winter when I’m camping. This is probably weird to a lot of people, but this should give you a great idea of the type of person I am.

        I have always loved any opportunity to create; whether it was through photography, design, or music. Photography adopted me, first as a hobby, and as of 4 years ago, my full time career. I really can’t describe the amount of heart I have put into this job through learning, teaching, traveling and even re-creating. It has become a very large part of who I am, and I think it’s important for anyone out there, inquiring or not, to understand that. This is a large part of me, and as an artist I am very attached to what I create and what I capture.

        As a photographer I aspire to capture moments that make me feel, that bring out a sense of creativity in my work and that inspire me. This part of who I am makes me an amazing fit for you if you’re not looking to follow every tradition, or if the way I do things a little differently creates a feeling of curiosity in the pit of your stomach. I do care who hires me; I want to be the right fit for you, just as I want you to be the right fit for me. This ensures you are getting the best and that we will align when working together.

        I would love to chat over coffee, Skype, or a drink. I am always looking to connect with others that want to breach the norms and have fun, if this sounds like you, say hi!