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        Cozy winter in home session in portland

        These two, swoon. I showed up at Mallory + Hillary’s new apartment in Northwest Portland.. an older, vintage, and earthy feel which made me immediately want to move in. Walking into their place, I was overcome with love, appreciation and an authentic vibe I only could hope to someday re-create in my own place. Both were pouring shots of tequila and glasses of wine to prepare themselves and get comfortable for our session, and it was VERY apparent how in love these two really are. On top of the emotions I felt, there were other adorable characteristics of their relationship I just couldn’t believe were real life: things like: Hillary, typing Mal out love letters from her antique type writer, or the fact that they had just gotten matching tattoos on their hands which read ” more today ” signifying a saying that they love each other more today, than the last.

        Throughout the session, I found myself taking my face away from the camera just in awe at them, in how they looked at each other, and how their demeanor was towards each other. It was unlike anything I had ever witnessed before. As a photographer, I see a lot of couples; getting married, eloping, taking photos to celebrate their engagement, but this wasn’t similar to anything I had ever experienced.

        Their love radiated through that apartment, whether they were listening to records while sitting on the floor, or hanging on their fire escape ( also, coolest thing ever ) their love was so fierce and so engulfing, I had no choice but to feel it during our whole session. I am so thankful Mal reached out wanting to shoot this season of their lives, as new love is something to be cherished, to be appreciated and to be absorbed. I only hope they’ll continue to let me photograph them as their relationship grows. With that being said, I am SO into these in-home sessions and can not wait to capture more of these intimate moments.