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        These two were SO. MUCH. FUN.

        I have this thing when I chat with couples over text or email.. I can sort of get a feeling for their type of personality and with these two, there is no way I could have known they were going to be so open and willing to be 110% themselves. Honestly, it was like hanging out with two of my friends, they were awesome. On top of that, they had the idea of having a moody camp fire at the end of the evening, and of course I attacked this idea from all angles. I love anything at the coast, and if you’re willing to do something less fancy, and more “you” I am all in. Take a scroll through these babes, and below I have a little advice for newly engaged couples! 🙂

        If you’re engaged…or looking for a photographer… or just want to read my photo blabber…   

        If I can give any couples out there advice in terms of preparing to have engagement photos done ( or any couple portraits in general).. it would be to really grasp the idea of being yourself with your love. I can’t mention this enough. Being comfortable with each other truly is number 1 in great photos. I always joke around about taking my couples to drinks, or bringing drinks to help with getting comfortable around me ( don’t get me wrong, this is real, I definitely do this) but if you aren’t comfortable being silly with each other, or willing to really have fun together, the photos will never live up to their full potential, and that is just the honest truth.

        I am a director, so I can direct all day long, and ask you to do fun things together, and create moments that are amazing to photograph.. but at the end of the day, fun can’t be posed, faked, or created if you aren’t willing to have some of it. I tend to get pickier and pickier with my locations, and the type of shoots I’m doing now, and this is due to the fact that I just don’t pose couples. I feel awkward being posed, and I don’t feel comfortable posing others. It gives me goosebumps, the horror movie kind. I give full props to photographers that can and do pose couples and make them look like models; this is a true art. This is NOT my art. I like movement, I like loud, messy hair, and laughing until my side hurts. I capture moments, laughing, dirt on your clothing, splashing water at each other… I am willing and get just as into the moments as my couples do: this is my art. If you’re getting into the ocean, I am too. If you’re rolling down a sand dune, I’m falling ever so un-gracefully right behind you. I am not a stand back in the safe zone photographer; I hop fences, get in your face with my camera, and am going to ask you to talk dirty to each other. If you aren’t comfortable with this type of weirdo behavior, I don’t take it personally! BUT, just know, that I am definitely, 10-1 odds, probably not the right fit for you either.

        There are so so many photographers that are amazing at what they do, this is why it is so important to look around and find one you click with. We want you to book us because you love our work, our editing, or the emotions we bring out of couples or even because we look fun ( or safe, clean, posey, etc ..) not because you saw a photo on Instagram and want to recreate it., or because we just happened to fall into your price point. Trust me on this. Do some research, meet with your photog, ask them questions. It helps!

        If you are engaged and curious about this type of stuff, I always suggest chatting with photogs. I try really hard to meet up with my couples in town that I can, and if not, I try to Skype. Sometimes even if a couple has a great plan for a wedding, and really loves my work,  we still may not actually click. I WANT to click with you, but I will tell you if I feel the fit isn’t right. These are big moments, and you deserve to spend this time with someone that you can be as comfortable around as you are with your friends and family.

        I hope this gives a little insight and enjoy!!!