TO MENU

        Sooo, I just booked my first trip to Iceland. I’ve wanted to travel to Iceland since 2014 and have been pinning photos and places to visit ever since. As life would have it for myself ( and probably a lot of others out there )it has done this thing where it gets in the way. Whether it was due to work, or flipping the house, or maybe just not having enough money at the right time; it hasn’t ever happened. Truth be told, any of the traveling I have hoped to do the last 5 years hasn’t happened. I’ve pre-planned camping trips, exploring trips, and hiking trips, and  n o n e of them have happened. It’s crazy to think that all these years,  for a $450.00 round trip flight to Iceland, I couldn’t spare the time or change to make it happen. As a lot of people know I recently went to San Diego to shoot at the beach, meet up with a fellow photog, and to do a little marketing. That flight itself, was $412.00. San Diego. HOW. California is literally right below Oregon, and somehow flights to Iceland are barely more expensive. BUT, I still hadn’t found the right time to go.

        If you go back a few months, I wrote about my 30 life crisis, and I am sure this stage of my growth has continued to move forward as my life awkwardly but rapidly moves along with it. Five years ago, I thought I had it allll figured out, and now, almost nothing makes sense besides my business, my dog, and those closest to me. Even then, some people I have opened some of the largest areas of my heart to have turned out to not “really” know me, or know what I am about, or frankly, care to learn.  When all else fails, insert dog here.

        These types of instances continuously remind me how important the saying ” make yourself happy ” actually is. Although I believe in surrounding yourself with people that love you, I really don’t know if you can accept everything they have to offer if you aren’t happy with yourself, with your job, with your life – first.

        This is where my selfish behavior the last few months comes heavily into play. Selfish has gained this negative stigma, and, I do believe certain people can be selfish in an unhealthy manner, but that’s not the manner I’m currently speaking of. What I mean when I say selfish is this: make your heart happy. This doesn’t mean go spend every last penny on a trip across the world when you have 3 kids at home. This means: make a plan, forego shopping trips with the girls, forego startbucks, skip the movies, skip the food carts… these things when taken away won’t readily affect your life at all and at the end of the day, you will save A LOT of money.

        I have had a lot of messages lately asking how I started traveling, and truthfully, I have this part of me that lets go of logic, and I just do it. I can’t really advise anyone to take that advice. I’ve been lucky to have this job that helps me travel, especially because clients are paying the bill a lot of the time. However, this time, this trip is for me. I got an alert that a round trip to Iceland was 449.00 and I seriously booked it within the hour. I didn’t think about it, I just did it. This is one of those things that has been very important to me, so this is a priority.

        Maybe traveling isn’t a priority for you, and if it isn’t, insert what is, and maybe, try this way of thinking. It has made my heart happy, and I have never regretted something I have done like this, or booked, or decided upon.

        Don’t forget that we only have one life. If you want to build a fort in the rain, travel to Europe, run a marathon, or start an ice cream shop.. make this a priority. make it happen, whatever pulls on your heart strings.. do this.

        And if you open an ice cream shop, jus know ill be the first in line.